Watch as sexy Dean Daniels undresses and works his huge shaft in a secluded area, away from prying eyes — except for you. His moans rise in pleasure as he can no longer contain himself — and releases enough cum to fill a bathtub.

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Dean Daniels

Jason Sparks continues on the Nationwide Model Search across the country discovering the hottest new talent. Today we have two new models for you Brandon Blake and Jeremy Adams. Brandon used to be a stripper so moving onto porn was his next move and we’re certainly glad he made it – watch him lather Jeremy’s hole with his tongue!

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Brandon Blake & Jeremy Adams BAREBACK in Raleigh

Tony Bishop rarely gives up his ass on camera but this time he had no choice. Shay Michaels was in a top dominating mood and nothing was gonna change that. So Tony did what he does best and turned on his submissive mode. He started sucking Shay's cock, making him moan with ecstasy. Shay then hoisted Tony up on some barrels so he was staring right at that beautiful asshole. He started eating it out getting it dripping wet so he could slide his cock in that slut hole. For someone who hardly gets fucked Tony's hole was nice and loose, just the way Shay likes them…well used !

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Shay Michaels and Tony Bishop

James Dixon has to be one of the biggest dicked young studs around, thick, nicely curved upwards and long enough to fill the mouth of a hot blond twink at the halfway point! Lucky Luckas Layton can’t believe the size as he struggles to take it down his throat, so when James places him in the doggy position, it’s all down to his ass to take it to the balls; and after a couple of thrusts, top fucker James makes that happen with ease! Holding Luckas’ ass cheeks open, we get to watch as James truly owns this twink, pulling his shoulder back and pushing his back down to arch his ass towards him , it’s a favourite position and one that gives the viewers the best angles to see this ass fucking action! James’ hairy chest and giant dick look perfect as he towers over the smooth blond twink, thrusting forward slowly and deliberately, making us all know he’s enjoying the pace and his conquest isn’t going to go anywhere until he’s finished!

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If the Throat Fails.. Use the Ass!

Exclusives Sean Sevran and Johnny V have what are arguably the best muscle physiques in porn today. Giant pecs, bulging biceps, ripped abs, rock hard cocks and asses–these guys are prime specimens of the male form. And they are nasty fuckers who live lives focused on sexual pleasure! Johnny is the bottom in this scene, and gives Sean a blow job that must be seen to be believed. Next Sean delivers a rim job that has Johnny writhing in ecstasy. If you are a fan of muscle butt, then this rim job is for you. But the best part of the scene is a two position fuck that makes this scene a sure award contender! Watch as two of the hottest men alive have uninhibited sex, just for you.

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Dirty Fuckers – Sean Zevran -amp; Johnny V

Meet our adorably-super cute, super fan, TANK! Tank has been following our sexcapades from day one on Xtube. And now, a week doesn’t go by that we don’t text, email or otherwise chat with him. He’s one of the sweetest guys we’ve ever met. And it was a total surprise to learn that Tank wanted the MM logo tattooed on his cute little butt. Hunter and I tried to talk him out of it, but TANK isn’t called “tank” for nothing; once he gets his mind set, he’ll plow through with tank-like determination to do what he wants. Tank is truly a Maverick. We took him to a tattoo parlor in Miami, whipped out our cameras, and the rest is now Maverick Men history! We first met Tank in person years ago at Sand Blast, when he attended our Maverick Men late night jock strap party. His lover Josh, is a newbie fledgling porn star so we invited them both along on a Maverick Men Directs shoot. Tank had a blast on the shoot and the rest of the guys instantly fell in love with him (and yes of course they all wanted to fuck his sweet little ass but that’s another story for another video). You’ll see all that fun and hotness later on We were all surprised at how well Tank handled all those giant cocks in that little butt. So hot! Tank, if you’re reading this, we love you man! xoxoxox Cole and Hunter

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